Vortex Investment Advisors Ltd.

Message from the CEO

Vortex Investment Advisors Ltd. is an investment management company established in 2017 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Vortex Co., Ltd. which created a new real estate market called "Sectional Ownership Office®".

One of the features of our company is its ability to utilize the management know-how and the market of “Sectional Ownership Office” developed and established by our parent company, Vortex, and to provide this as a “new exit strategy” for office buildings, etc.

As a method of long-term and stable asset management, our company's exit strategy centers on the sale through “Sectional Ownership Office” that is the know-how Vortex has accumulated since its foundation. We aim to achieve higher asset management performance by utilizing the comprehensive capabilities of the Vortex Group to the maximum extent, providing investors with attractive asset management opportunities by aggregating market information, steadily implementing the measures in line with its exit policy, and by utilizing the marketing capabilities and sales know-how fostered by Vortex in the exit strategy.

In the future, we will provide asset management strategies that conventional real estate investment advisory companies do not offer, and work diligently to meet the expectations of investors.

We appreciate your continued support.

Vortex Investment Advisors Ltd.

Representative Director
Katsuhiko Gomi